Active Shield+ is a coating technology built with a unique compound to keep surfaces protected from cross contamination  by inhibiting the growth of micro organism on the coated surface 24 hours a day, provided the coating is not scratched or scrubbed away using harsh chemical washing.

Active Shield+ has an additional compound which forms an strong chemical bond with the applied surface which enables it to stick to surfaces for longer periods till they are removed with physical abrasion.

Active Shield is not a disinfectant, it is a protection for disinfected surface.



Active Shield+ uses QOS (Quaternary Organo Silane) which has additional property to stick the QAC compound to the base of applied material thus forming a protection layer on the coated surface. Once applied on a surface, Active Shield+ coating forms an invisible micron level needle like molecular structure (negatively charged on molecular level) which attracts the microbes puncturing the shell of the microbe and thus inhibiting its growth on the applied surface. This gives the surface the protection required.

In general, there are three mechanisms of action or ways that affect or kill a micro organism:
1: [Cross-linking, coagulating, clumping] – usually Alcohol based or phenol based resulting in fire or strong odour risks,
2: [Oxidising] – Like Chlorine, Sodium hypochlorite or peroxygen compounds some of which are corrosive in nature,
3: [structure and function disruption] like Quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) are some of the most widely used  antimicrobial agent today because of their broad spectrum effectiveness.
QAC (Quaternary ammonium compounds) work by denaturing the proteins of the bacterial or fungal cell, affecting the metabolic reactions of the cell and causing vital substances to leak out of the cell, causing death.

Above reference details can be found at the link in resource page:

Active Shield+ uses modified QAC ut with a added molecule of Silane hence called QOS (Quaternary Organo Silane).
QOS property to stick the QAC compound to the base of applied material and form a non-leaching bond with the surface.

Once applied on a surface, Active Shield+ coating forms an invisible micron level needle like molecular protective structure which punctures the shell of the microbe and thus inhibits its growth.

Advantage - once applied on a surface, you can be sure that Active Shield+ will work 24x7 and protect the applied surface from growth of any microbes making it safer for users to touch the high touch areas and surfaces for longer periods provided the coating is not scratched or scrubbed away.


ASP (All purpose Surface cleaner & Protection) is a essentially a surface cleaner which leaves no mark on glass or any glossy surface and it has a property to leave a protective coat. The solution can be used for cleaning most surfaces in the building and applying as a protective coating for safety from mold growth or any microbial growth. ASP cleaning solution uses Active Shield+ technology. It has to be applied on a already disinfected surface to ensure its best performance.

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The compound used in Active Shield+ is widely used in various countries under various brand name. Similar products with similar ingredients have been registered or certified by FDA and EPA for various applications. Kindly reach out to our team to understand the properties of the product for custom usage.

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Active Shield+ has a multitude of applications. It's use on high touch & high traffic areas significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination. The most common places of use for our solution are as under:
Buildings Interior surfaces and fabrics, Table tops, chairs, Lift cars, call buttons, touch screens,  cars and public transport seats and interiors, wallets, mobile covers etc.

How to Apply ?
Active Shield+ can be sprayed in mist form on surface or applied on surface by wipe down method by aqualified & trained individual to get optimum results. Check out applications tab for videos of sample applications for correct method, protocol & processes. Note- Application of this compound has to be carried out under supervision and by trained professional only.

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